• seanfargo

    Spam is definitely a big problem for Twitter. They need to hire some super smart search folks to come up with a PageRank of sorts to rank users and weight tweets based on re-tweets or something.

    I wonder though if Twitter Search is the right metaphor anyway for users. It’s not reliable, user friendly for 90% of the world, comprehensive, relevant, etc. It’s fresh and social and short (which I like most of the time).

    I really like the tweetnews use of Twitter for Search

    Like for this breaking query:


    It’s using Twitter as a signal to improve freshness/relevance on already authoritative, vetted news content.

    This puts less reliance on Twitter being spam-free to be useful in search. Maybe we should think of Twitter as more of a signal as opposed to the end result for search?

    Cheers — Sean

  • http://www.DeonDesigns.ca DeonDesigns

    Thank you Danny.
    Yes the spam is a big problem everywhere and now is even on Twitter.
    I really hope that Twitter will get a way to prevent this.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Bravo Danny! There should be some sort of Twitter police (or even a separate social networking organization) that reports the big spammers out there wasting everyone’s time!

  • http://www.akworksconsulting.com cryptblade

    Nice post Danny. But my question is – how many people actually pay attention? I see too many people tweet and not engage in other people’s tweets, even the ones they follow. They just tweet and tweet and tweet. I recently read an article that talked about that – that everyone tweets, but who’s listening?

    My experience is that there are few tweeters…twitterers.. twits that say anything useful enough to actually follow them.

    Let’s look at what the measure of Twitter success is: # of followers. The more you have, the better right? But if the metric Twitter success (tongue in cheek) is ReTweets (RT) then it may signify actual engagement – something a bit more valualbe, I should think.

    Ultimately though, it’s easy to simply block an abusive, spammy Twit. Right???

  • http://cliquekaila cliquekaila

    Yes, agreed very nice post. I’ve come across many people spamming, and have even had clients who request me to utilize some of the spammy type tools out there. I just can’t bring myself to it, firstly because I only practice white hat activities, but secondly because I want to help maintain the integrity of Twitter. Why ruin a great thing? Besides…there are so many ways you can ethically provide your messages to your Twitter followers, IE the whole point, and why Twitter can be a great success for your company. Let’s not ruin it for the rest of us! :)

  • http://www.planetc1.com/ chiropractic

    Most annoying thing about twitter, and it appears to be getting worse each day, wish there was a way to filter spam from search queries via tweetdeck.

  • http://px.ns1.net/ px

    an easy cut+paste to report the list above for others.

    “d spam AmazingMoney adacardwell AmazingProfits AmazinTwitties AmberMoore48 bizpromotion ChristineSnider EmilyBrown13 EricaEsau EvaJimmerson ExpertMoney HeidiSomarriba JaneDDavis JaniceAnderson JoannaHill23 GloriaHayes KimberlyCheek KristiHernandez Melinda_Martin NetworkPromoter onlinmarket PaidPerTweets Priscilla_Ortiz socialclicks SusanMccartney RichOffAdsense”

    Here’s my list of 18 spam followers, I’ve reported and Twitter has yet to deal with.

    “d spam yplusone Jason_Bradshaw utrish findthem eroticgirls tigerguurl1 glamour_world BestBuyLEasing scenar freepornstuff robinsonbonnie8 phone_gis ecrowds yukertbella erategeorgia occaraccident tonijones2009 RatRaceEscape”

  • http://www.feeltiptop.com Gregory Martin

    Thanks for this and the previous report on Twitter spammers. TipTop search results provides one solution to exposing Tweeter Misleaders through an expand or shrink url feature for shortened links from tinyurl bit.ly and is.gd. Another way that TipTop excludes spam in its search results is through its message relevancy ranking and weighting secret sauce displaying Tips (positive to-do messages), Pits (negative don’t-do messages), or the Remaining messages in a two column interface. Hopefully we will all continue to come up with ideas to junk the bunk on Twitter http://feeltiptop.com/twitter%20spam/.

  • pradeepvs

    Thank you Martin,
    feeltiptop.com is really amazing. I loved it.


  • http://www.outsystems.com mozzello

    Twitter is a real social network, with little policing. This reminds me of Wikipedia, where the community not only generates the content but also marks it as inappropriate, incorrect …
    This mechanism should be added to Twitter, to leverage the power of the community to keep it clean (and ensure that it doesn’t have a premature death caused by spam).

    Currently you have a button to “block” a user, right?
    There should be another button to report as spam, and a simple rule like “3 spam reports will freeze your account”.
    If you were “frozen” away by mistake, then you could ask back in, and this would be validated by Twitter. Google has similar processes implemented for websites in general and Ads in particular.

    These technical improvements might be what saves Twitter from becoming an unbearable medium that no one wants to use anymore because its value has been zeroed by Spam. I hope the Twitter folks realize this and solve it quickly.