• http://twitter.com/JohnThyfault John Thyfault

    Great article.  Do the bulk changes to the business locations also get plugged into Google Places?

  • HandyCorp

    If time is limited, does it make sense to hire a company to manage our PPC campaigns? if so, is there a simple guideline to finding a reputable company to do this?

  • arunlancashire

    Great Article…Particularly using of automated rules saves more time in maintaining bidding for first page in some larger campaigns

  • http://www.facebook.com/revaminkoff Reva Minkoff

    Great article. Just a warning: be careful with automated rules and be sure to check them frequently. They can help, but they don’t replace the human eye. Once saw a keyword with an incredibly high bid (far higher than it would ever need to have) due to an automated rule.