• http://www.clientsforyourbiz.com Damon L. Rice

    Good info. I would be interested to know the conversion rates on the “happy women” ads considering most men that would click on this may only be looking for one thing (know what I mean?).

  • http://www.nickusborne.com/ nickusborne

    When you talk about conversion rates in point #4, do you mean clickthrough from the ad, or conversion to a final sale, registration etc?

  • http://www.directresponse.net Dave

    Urgency is a really big factor I believe when it comes to Facebook.
    Users see ads all day long and think nothing of it. They have a ping pong match between whether the ad is worth looking into or not.
    Creating the slightest bit of “Hurry! Click now!” can be a deciding factor into whether they decide to click through or not.

  • http://www.bdtechie.com Nasif Abdur Razzaque

    You will get lots of click when using a picture of a happy woman on facebook ads but did you ever thought how much the bounce rate will be ?

  • http://www.phillgeorge.me george phillip

    You can get upto 1.3% conversion rate with the right image and targetting.