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    Thanks for including us in your roundup, Casie! Some great SEO tips you provided. We’re grateful to be featured.

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    Love the tool Teresa, thanks for commenting!

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    Thanks for sharing these great link building tips! Its all about positioning a product, service or company. The most important thing is not the company or the product name itself, its how PR pitching expands the story to relate it to trending topics, making it relevant to broader or even completely different topics.

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    Thanks! Glad it was helpful :)

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    Is there any new strategies – How can we rank inner pages of your blog.

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    Very insightful article, as always. It’s really great how it does more than just note that link building is all about PR – it also provides some valuable tools, not all of which we knew about. Thanks!

    Now, for a quick question about tip #2: how could you apply this advice when you are working for clients abroad? Are there any similar actions a link builder in this situation could take on behalf of their client?