• Ross Bradley

    Most interesting thoughts…

    “Search retargeting allows you to drop cookies on individuals when they have searched for a relevant term on Google, Yahoo, Bing and beyond, and then retarget that cookie with a display ad later. And just as with our segmentation example earlier, targeting the message to the event will drive up performance, in this case at the keyword level.”

    The Looksmart ‘solution’ can provide user Intent Data on some 3 Billion Search Queries had per day (from Google/Yahoo – Bing? S/E’s) & has scale to suit large buy in a one-stop-shop, is what I believe.


  • Ross Bradley
  • Matt McGee

    Hi Ross – you were probably seeing a cached page, which is why it looked like your comment hadn’t shown up. A simple email via our contact form would have gotten you a quicker answer, esp. since we’re all busy at SMX East this week.

  • samirsoriano


    I really like this:

    “My golden rule for making a difference is 80/20 – you will get 80% of the benefit from 20% of the effort – you could pixel every page, invest heavily in dynamic creative and spend months testing, but the incremental return is often little in comparison to a simple segmentation strategy like this.”

    Using just a handful of different segments, such as SEM visitors, homepage visitors, and pricing page visitors, can add a lot more value to an advertiser’s retargeting efforts over a super product specific segmentation or a super simple complete site segmentation. However, advertisers do need to make sure that their creatives are in-line with these segmentations, and creative and landing page optimization are really what drives the value.