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    Apple maps are great!±

  • http://www.tvsinternetmarketing.com/ Travis Van Slooten

    Andrew…one of the best posts you’ve written in a while. There’s some real meat here that small business owners can sink their teeth into. I’m going to link to this from my blog. Thanks for posting this.

    Travis Van Slooten

  • andrewsho

    Thanks Travis!

  • http://www.esocialmedia.com Jerry Nordstrom

    Great info Andrew. We are certainly paying close attention to how Apple’s services are connecting with this vast user base. That said I can’t help thinking Apple is erecting a modern version of the Compuserve/Prodigy walled garden of the early 90’s. Apples play seems to focus on the users main connection point to the Internet and how they initiate most of their activities. If by SmartPhone and apps like Siri or apple maps then Apple has a winner, but if it is anything else Google’s wide net of search, social and phone choices running the Andriod OS wins the day. Apple has incredible brand value, based on style, popular culture and technology that works. If that brand value ever takes a quick hit (Foxcom) I believe you could see the Apple of the 90’s return.

  • Nicola

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