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    Excellent! Just in time when I was fumbling around to search for solution like this to spread my brand value

    Thank you

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    When you use video to market property, showcase your local community events, to brand yourself as the local go to guy for real estate, information, you connect with buyers, sellers in a big way. Video is all five senses, not just using the eyeballs. Video IS NOT a slide show with tunes in background for filler. Video is 30 frames per second and audio is 40 of that video. Video transports the surfer to your area..a place many have never been to, meeting you for the first time as you show them property after property, local event on top of event. Video is ready 24/7 no matter what the time zone. Buyer wants to buy a home, farm, land and needs mom/dad’s help so parents on the west coast would like to see what they are investing in. With video, within minutes they can if done right. Video..one more special real estate tool. Have 400 of them working their guts out and its like duplicate, cloning you so no more one open house at a time. It’s 400 channels going and the views show they work. The front page of a google search for say Maine farm for sale shows voila..embedded little video player of your flick, movie, video.