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  • Carter31

    As far as an ebay misspelling search engine goes, ebuyersedge.com will search ebay for misspellings (as well as ‘in descriotion,not in title’ and normal searches). Plus, it will allow you to save searches, so that you’ll receive an email when new matches are found on ebay, giving you the jump on other potential buyers.

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    Cool Matt, seeing so many typos of “laptop” on craigslist has me wondering if people placing the ads do so on purpose. More views if using the typo search. :)

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    A new search engine with an international index http://www.search2.net

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    Get great deals on eBay by finding misspelled items using Typojoe, the eBay misspell search tool.
    Just type in what you’re looking for, spelled correctly, click the search button, and our site will take you to eBay and show you the resulting item listings with the possible misspellings.