• http://www.solardave.com Dugdale


    Thanks for the case study. Interesting when we get so excited on getting only 52 links in hard niches.

  • http://spanishgringo.blogspot.com spanishgringo

    It is a good idea and I am a big fan.

    However, you should have included the cost of the “substantial discount” in your cost of the link building project. After all that was used as a big hook for the e-mail that was sent out for the contest.

    If they still had a positive gross margin after the discount it gets a bit tricky to properly account for the cost (not from an accounting perspective but from a project ROI perspective) because you have to estimate what you would have sold without the discount. Although tough, a reasonable estimate should be calculated and it should not be ignored in evaluating the project.

  • http://www.ericward.com Eric Ward

    This is a great confirmation that it isn’t about quantity. And there are additional business benefits to this approach that go far beyond the links gained. Relationships have been started, contacts have been made, rapport has begun to be built. Try accomplishing that with 368 random stumbleupon or twitter link drops. Never happen.

    Thanks Debra – less is ALWAYS more with strategy driven link dev

  • http://www.alliance-link.com Debra Mastaler

    Sorry for the delay in responding to comments, I’ve been out of the office this week.

    @spanishgringo The discount wasn’t a “loss leader”, it was designed to show a return. And even if it didn’t, that would have been ok with the client since we approached this from his marketing budget, not sales. I always approach custom link building with balance in mind, to do anything less is a disservice to the client.

    @dugdale – I get excited when I secure one link. ;)

    @Ericward LOL – I’ll take the SU and twitter link drops too but at the end of the day, those 52 links translated into value which is what we’re after eh?

  • Selina Green

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