• Bobby Gaglini

    Danny, spot on with this article. In fact, I finished writing an article last night about roughly the same topic. You’re right, you are naive to think this will happen. But you’re not wrong in that it needs to happen. The way I see it, “the big three” are acting like passive aggressive children who have never been told they were wrong. It’s up to us the users to make our voices heard, or for one of them to swallow some pride and start discussing a way to create a brighter future for search and social. In my eyes, they’re all in violation of Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” policy, and something needs to change.

  • http://www.search-usability.com/ Shari Thurow


    Great article. A lot of things are proprietary, including who work colleagues are. We are redefining what should and should not be private.

    Social network companies are advertising to be “cool” you have to be in a social network and be transparent about it. Smart as well as unethical, “evil” people know how to harness that well. Even smarter people keep protecting that intellectual asset, and they shouldn’t be penalized for search engine visibility for keeping some things private.

    So I agree with Bobby. These companies seem to act like passive aggressive children.

  • http://socialdentalnetwork.com SDN

    Quite apropos (never thought I’d get to use that word)…do we really need more division in these trying politically polarizing times?!

    The first step in change is for leading minds to propose mutually beneficial (including consumers) courses of action.

    I’m drinking your kool aid.

  • http://www.edeninteractive.com S.E.M.

    Sorry Danny,

    “Can’t we all get along” sounds as bad as “Corporations are People”. These companies are not passive aggressive children. The bad behaviour is egged on by Lawyers and A-type sociopaths & sycophants with delusions of grandeur. Rewarded by shareholders of course!

    They all cover themselves with chocolatey goodness of the USER experience etc. Sounds like Machiavelli’s the prince..

    There is too much money at stake for these companies to play nice with one another. I imagine a room with Twitter, Google, Facebook staring each other down and a few bit players scattered about. There is a knife at the center of the room. The lights go out. The lights turn back on. We check for bodies and count the limbs and play the game again, as more players enter the room….

    This is a blood sport in the fine tradition of American Capitalism. Tesla may have had better inventions, but its Edison we remember (He fried an elephant..to make his point!) . And none of these giants are going to fall on there swords for the good of the whole.


  • http://cgmasson.com Callum Masson

    Doesn’t “Corporations are People” just reflect the legal position that corporations hold in the US?

    Of course in this situation (as you call out Shareholders) it is only Google that has a consequential legal responsibility to Shareholders (i.e. the commons) and therefore, why don’t we just side with them – Facebook and Twitter are basically private interest groups… like the MPAA

  • Bobby Gaglini


    You bring up a terrific point. These are corporations with a lot of money at stake. We can’t think of them as “people”, yet at the same time, this logic brings up a very difficult truth that I expressed in my first comment…

    Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” policy was created so that Google would act in ways that were for the good of the user, even if it did not benefit Google in the short-term.

    Here is what your last line read: “And none of these giants are going to fall on there swords for the good of the whole.”


  • Chas

    @S.E.M.~ yes, Edison got the press frying Elephants with AC, in an attempt to push DC- the world’s power grids are operated on AC, thanks to Tesla’s research, however.
    Now that, that is cleared up, I hope all three of them nuke each other and all the zombies with glazed-over eyes awaken and see that there is still a whole internet out there without G,F, &T.

  • http://www.visitpk.com Mazhar Shah

    Well.. ! Agreed with you. We know that Social media is going to be more important in every single day. But a lot of spamming their that’s why the original peoples cannot get as more advantages even they are using legally..

    Mazhar Shah

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