• http://managinggreatness.com Gil Reich

    Hey Greg, great post, but let me clarify a couple of things.
    – The Google definition link was responsible for less than 5% of our traffic
    – Google was kind enough to give us the heads up on this, and we announced that this was coming in our last conference call & SEC filing

    Answers.com has moved far beyond being a dictionary, to providing answers from both licensed sources and our community. The vast majority of our traffic today is to our community generated Q&A. We greatly appreciate that Google directed their definition link to us for nearly 5 years, but recently it has been a very small part of our business.

    More complete answer here http://managinggreatness.com/2009/12/06/the-google-definition-link-and-answers-com/

    — Gil Reich, VP of Product Management at Answers.com