• Duane Forrester

    Excellent article Aaron! I can honestly say, after having hired a few folks for SEO role sover the last 3 years, this is pretty much bang on target.

    if you’re reading this article, your next step should be to print off a couple copies, make sure your HR rep has one copy and you have one tucked in your filing cabinet (remeber those?) to keep handy for your next round of hirings.

  • Duane Forrester

    Related article with a suggested list of interview questions for in-house SEO positions:


  • http://www.adrianeden.com Adrian Eden

    Nice reminder of what to look for. I consider myself a beginner SEO and enjoy reading this site and the daily emails. I use to work with you back in the day Aaron, same company different department.

    Right now I oversee a team of content admins and am teaching them the ropes of good site layout and UX and how that applies to strong SERP standings and link bait.

    Later this Month I will be in Prague for the iGaming Supershow. Have a great summer!

  • http://www.tyseo.net/ tyseo

    If the person was a developper before, Il will test his knowledge. There are huge differences between notepad developper and dreamweaver user.
    If the person has a sale/marketing background, Il will test it too on CRO, keyword niche…

  • http://www.seoskeptic.com/ Aaron Bradley

    Thanks for your kind words Duane. And the link – HR peeps, I recommend adding this to the “print out and save for future reference” pile (or you could – gasp – avoid the filing cabinet altogether and do some bookmarking).

    Hey Adrian – glad to see you’re dipping your toes in the SEO water. Don’t fall in. ;)

    tyseo – good point. For experienced/technical SEO roles I ask questions like “describe the different types of redirects and their impact on search.” Sometimes you’ll get surprisingly revealing answers and/or blank stares in response.

  • bkeithwest

    I think the essence of this post is correct, certain general abilities and personality traits are better predictors of SEO success than experience. I’ve come across a number of people who claim to know SEO but don’t hold up under close examination. Experience or no, if you aren’t a detail oriented person with an analytical mind and a facility for language (not a common collection of skills) you aren’t going to be successful.

    Keith West
    DigiForce- Internet Staffing and Execution