• http://www.wpromote.com Michael Block

    I think that it’s important to note that both AOL and Ask both run Google ads as members of AdWords’ search partners network. So, although Google’s search engine may be as strong as ever, this report does signal a gain of market share for adCenter ads at the expense of AdWords ads. I doubt that this is a shock to anyone at Google but it is relevant enough to point out.

  • http://www.acsgrp.com Ken Mozlowski

    Do you mean June 2011 not June 2010? Unless the date of this article is in correct.

  • Matt McGee

    Thx Ken – good catch. I fixed that.

  • http://www.threestonemedia.com Kent Allen

    Having an alltime high of 14.4% is more telling to me. I’d venture to guess that the search engine history books are filled with engines that had 14.4% share at some point. I’d like to see them even higher, but I won’t be a user pushing them to higher levels. I still find Google results superior (and I’m not really a Google fan)

  • http://www.beacontechnologies.com Eric Westerman

    That’s interesting – not what I’m seeing at all. I’m seeing some better Bing rankings for short tail resulting in LESS traffic than in the past.

    Obviously there are a number of factors that affect that traffic level beyond just keyword rankings, but I would expect some positive correlation that is not being seen.

  • http://www.brianfosse.com brianfosse

    Has any analysis been done as to why Bing is gaining share? My guess would be that it is related to their new Rewards system. It was compelling enough to entice me to use Bing for a day, but I could see it driving long-term change for some users.