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    I have a feeling Bing might overtake Yahoo in a few years.

  • Christian4779

    I think when you look inside the YOY numbers Bing has grown substantially. 11.8% to 15% represents a 25% YOY increase in share.

    Yahoo fell off a bit, but so has Google so Bing has probably picked up some share from both Yahoo and more importantly Google. That hasn’t always been the case in the past.

    To say Bing continues to grow “slowly” is accurate in one sense, but then not in another. It is all about context, which is why numbers in short news stories don’t tell you much

    I would be curious to see what would happen if MS were to buy Yahoo or at least the part that deals with search and co-brand the search aspect of it. Combined it’d be 30% for the combined Bing/Yahoo and 65% for Google.

  • Rupert Clayton

    Bing’s growth is phenomenal. At 0.2% per month, it will be the leading search engine in…, erm…, ten and a half years. Based on Google’s one-year loss of 0.8% share and Bing’s gain of 3.2%, that’s more like twelve and a half years. Clearly it’s a tectonic shift.