• Roger Simmons

    “Grow your business by getting rid of people?” A Blekko employee told me that it was actually 9 employees that were let go, with only two weeks severance. It’s a sad story and Blekko will probably be out of business in a year.

  • Richard

    Why isn’t Yahoo buying Blekko? Yahoo needs to get back into the search engine game, and they are losing search users to Bing because people know Yahoo is using Bing anyway, so why bother using the “clone”. Yahoo needs its own search engine, And Blekko is their best option, since DDG doesn’t have its own search engine last I checked.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/christophermregan Christopher Regan

    Uhm, Blekko is lost at sea. We know/knew that, and we’ve wanted to root for them because of that, in a way. Hashtags? Facebook hashtags? Why doesn’t Facebook just buy Blekko and let’s move on? Plus, it might provide comfort during my Altavista mourning period…