• http://www.digitalsurvival.nl Lauryan Feijen

    I’m wondering how these stats are influenced by the fact that it’s possible to send tweets to Facebook or Buzz as status updates. Facebook would still have the biggest numbers, but I do believe a substantial amount of Facebook’s status updates is coming from Twitter (looking at my own Facebook friends that is..)

    Anyone has some numbers about that?

  • Vural

    Are Google Buzz numbers unique Google Buzz posts that are done on Google Buzz or do they include the posts that are updated since they user twitter accounts are connected to Google Buzz?

  • Matt McGee

    Those are both great points/questions, further showing why it’s so difficult to compare one service to another. I don’t know the answers to those questions, sorry to say. Would be nice to somehow compare the number of truly original posts/updates on each service, without all the cross-posting.