• Openuris

    Maybe they should go back to basics and google, google. Clean and fast interface and less-distracting ads and other media.

    I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want all the junk clogging up my search results as is what google has become. Google has lost a lot of relevancy IMO. I constantly find myself on the 4th or 5th page trying to find something and this didn’t used to be a problem. Yesterday I was all the way back on page 9 trying to find some info on repairing a certain issue with a laptop.

    Google’s infatuation with mega sites and authorship often makes it harder to find what I am looking for. Sometimes new content or authored content or content on a mega site for the sake of it is not the best content.

  • Spag

    Are the data centres still broken at Bing? Yes, yes they are….

  • Durant Imboden

    “When it comes to business, Google is not exactly “sticking to the knitting,” with its driverless car project, floating data center, private airport terminal and other interests that have nothing to do with search.”

    Right, and Microsoft has dumped Windows, Office, and everything else to focus 100% on Bing.

  • PStrohm

    Nice sponsored article…

    “While Google is powerful, successful and trusted worldwide, it’s had legal problems in Europe”

    Thanks to M$ lobbying and to its money.

    How Microsoft Pays Big Money To Smear Google in EU Parliament

  • Ian Harper

    maybe its slow because windows 8.1 uptake is slow. They are ahead of the game. with desktop search they will spring back. its a great idea that works.

  • Ian Harper

    maybe its slow because windows 8.1 uptake is slow. They are ahead of the game. with desktop search they will spring back. its a great idea that works.

  • Christine

    Bing should stay in the competition …it is a great addition to the search..

  • PStrohm

    Yea, unfortunately its legal to smear your competitor, particularly if you are Microsoft.

  • http://www.globalwebforce.com/ William Forrest

    So far, I can’t imagine that Bing can surpass the Google. Google is a biggest search engine empire nowadays. If Bing will improve the interface in next 10 years, maybe there’s a possibility that they take over the number 1 spot in search engine world.

  • Salman Merchant

    I hope and pray for a faster, versatile and well designed PPC interface.

  • Nathan Safran

    Paul: Good article and you raise some solid points about Bing’s chances.

    In truth, I didn’t intend my article to be a ‘hate on Bing-fest’. In fact, I’d like to see Microsoft succeed with their search engine, and even take some market share from Google. I think a bit more competition would be a healthy thing for the industry.

    What I did want to point out, though, was some of the things that Microsoft has already tried, some of them fairly aggressive, and there is, at best, a question as to how effective they have been. That, together with the recent shift in leadership at Microsoft and the likely closer look at all divisions there has me wondering about Bing’s future.

    Anyway, thanks for the article, good stuff.

  • http://www.pbcommunicationsllc.com Paul Bruemmer

    Thanks for your comment, Nate, much appreciated. And I agreed with many of the points in your piece – especially that aggressive advertising isn’t working. I wanted to bring out that there’s much to gain by optimizing for #2. You hit it on the head by saying competition is healthy for the industry, and I think Bing is going to try hard to do that with Nadella in charge. He sent an email to employees saying “the company’s mission is to ensure Microsoft thrives in a mobile and cloud-first world.” So they’ve all seen the writing on the wall with mobile. Hope their deal with Nokia goes through in March as expected. I’ve also read they should get out of gaming. So Bing needs to focus more on core businesses, as well. They might choose software, search and mobile, but that would be hard to do. I saw where your piece was the most popular SEL for January – congratulations!

  • http://www.mcccode.com/ MCC Code

    Bing may just get a chance with all the changes in Google algorithms, yet at the end is a matter of Branding, what will induce me to change my preference on a search engine. My answer to that is: valuable results