• Remington Jackson

    I am not debating this information since it looks like people that own iOS phone users have more traffic, but I want to know how can this be true and that Android users consumer more data?

  • Remington Jackson

    Just saw that I messed that up kind of lol.

  • http://www.cleverboy.com/ CleverBoy


    I’d go ahead and chalk up Android data usage under tethering, cloud data backups, post application installation payloads (on first use), and lots of active notifications. Google “Tracking Down Android Data Usage”. It’s been a thorn for a while.

  • Ozer Erke

    I think the high usage numbers, especially for the news rely on the fact that, most of the news sources provide only iOS versions of their mobile applications. Wonder what would be the numbers if they provided Android in parallel.

    From my point of view, Google is not providing a reliable calendar of Android mobile and tablet version releases. Plus the Android device manufacturers (e.g. Samsung) seems a bit lazy on upgrading their devices. We should wait until these devices into business usage, which Android seems more suitable with it’s multitasking, Flash support and widgets.

  • http://www.timacheson.com/ timacheson

    Wrong! This is grossly misleading. For example, Windows 7 tablets are excluded from these stats. My tablet is a real full-power PC, and I surf the web using IE9 and Firefox, which ComScore cannot differentiate from any other PC.

    Is this another Apple propaganda campaign?