• carmorgan

    Did you mean version 2.5? I believe 2.4 rolled out awhile ago: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/panda-24-and-analytics-session-update-rolled-out-simultaneously

  • http://Chris.Koszo Chris.Koszo

    Very interesting: several of my sites which were hit by the first Panda haven’t recovered yet. Only one recovered (at the end of July), but that has now lost 30% of organic the last 2 days. Only this one was hit in this latest panda, while none of the others were, even though they are similar sites.

  • Chas

    Thanks Google; I am getting more traffic, now and I didn’t do a thing- I don’t even have a blog.

  • Ralko

    Do you know if this update is global or only affects english/US sites? I own several spanish sites and I’ve seen no changes this week in traffic.

  • http://www.bradlinder.net Brad Linder

    Yup, my site recovered most of its prior traffic when Panda 2.3 rolled out in July. Then on Wednesday night I watched in real-time as my hourly traffic started to dip…

    I was pretty sure something was happening and that it wasn’t due to anything I’d done. I suppose it’s nice to have confirmation, but I’d rather have my traffic back.

  • http://gamepitstop.com kurnia lim

    google panda update 2.5, why your URL is google-panda-2-4-update?

  • http://gamepitstop.com kurnia lim


    is that blog affiliated wih this blog? seems your content is same with that blog, and lot of posts too

  • http://daggle.com/ Danny Sullivan

    We updated the story as noted but not the URL. We’ll fix that. And no, that’s just someone ripping off our content. Sadly, it happens to everyone. We’ll send them a notice.

  • http://bucatarmaniac.blogspot.com bucatar

    my blog just recovered from the last update and this mornig they hit me again. I lost 70 procent of traffic, just like last time. They hit all over the world. I`m from Romania. It`s gonna happen every time they will roll the update? (excuse my english)

  • colino

    Can you give us the url of your site ?

  • http://www.classicpdf.om CPE

    What is the main point of Panda updates flux and 2.5? How could Google realize?

  • http://www.metronet.no Trond Lyngbø

    How to explain Google Panda in three words? Search Engine Organization! :-)