• http://www.franklinkuok.com franklinkuok

    Great article! I never really thought about optimizing a ‘thank you’ page but the examples you gave were really helpful and provided a lot of insight!

  • http://www.closed-loop-marketing.com Sandra Niehaus

    Thanks, frank! If you’re interested, there are a few more examples in an older post of mine on the CLM blog, here:

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Terrific stuff, Sandra. In my earlier life I was in charge of alternative media for a multichannel retailer/cataloger. The cross advertising idea reminds me a great deal of “package inserts” which could be enormously cost effective as you’re advertising to people when they’re a) happy ’cause their cool stuff just arrived; and b) clearly flush with money — they couldn’t have made that purchase if they weren’t feeling financially secure.

    Really great ideas!

  • http://www.closed-loop-marketing.com Sandra Niehaus

    Exactly, George! And great general point – there’s so much for us to learn from offline marketing and advertising.

    In that theme — I’ve recently been fascinated by manufacturers doing what could only be described as on-shelf A/B testing of packaging and messaging – 2-3 versions of the same product, right next to each other on the store shelf, each with slightly different presentations. Might post on that, sometime.