• Douglas Morris

    Ohh the Disconnect cofounder agreed with the Disconnect CTO? unexpected

    Not like we can connect too many searches to user accounts now that not provided is 100%

  • http://www.archology.com/ Jenny Halasz

    Amy, did he comment on whether the results would be geo-located based on the location of Disconnect’s servers? If he found a way to strip geo-location, then this is huge!

  • Daniel Benny Simanjuntak

    That’s actually pretty cool.. :)

  • Jessy Thames

    Will have to check out if this works finer for every search results irrespective of the geo-locations. Looks it gets messed up, but then if that does the job better we’d certainly opt for it :)

  • beedlee

    Just Tried a search on Google using this and it’s setting my Location as Chicago, IL (I’m based in the UK). Google’s picking up search location from their servers, not much good for impartial SERP checking at the moment.