• http://www.attitude.ie attitude

    Would love to know how google spots acquisitions as opposed to buying sites for their link profile

  • http://twitter.com/roquelagellera Roque Lage de Llera

    So domain lenght registration doesnt count? I took this as a fact…i saw it somewhere…
    Anyway if Matt Cutts told you that, i do trust more your sources…. XD

  • Ben Donahower


    I don’t see how a legitimate acquisition and buying a site for links are difference in practice if you purchase a site in the same or similar niche. The site owner of abcwidgets.com is buying xyzwidgets.comand redirecting links, potentially, in either scenario just as a bricks and mortar ABC Widgets would buy XYZ Widgets store and change the sign while having acquired the rest of their assets.I see the scenario where abcwidgets.com buys a site that’s in a completely different market and redirects those links and how that would look suspicious to Google, but so long as they are in the same or complementary industries you’re buying competitors and should be entitled to their assets links and all. Do you have some thoughts about how Google differentiates between these more or less legitimate acquisitions?