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    Do you have to use Acrobat to create the PDF? Or can I use Photoshop and save it as a PDF? Does the text in a Photoshop PDF count as text or as an image?

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    Great advise.
    Learned some new tips here!

    Rick Vidallon

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    Funny thing,…I just optimized my PDF-Files. Unfortunately I still have a question. I posted it on DigitalPoint Forums: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=471185 It has to do with cacheing and the HTML-Version of my documents. Maybe you can help.

    Best regards – Jab

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    Great piece, Galen. Although they are generally well-skilled in Adobe Acrobat, technical writers and technical marketing writers often deliver PDF documents to clients without giving any thought to properly tagging them for search.

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    Thank you for an excellent PDF SEO tutorial. Many of these tips, like source-ordering, are invaluable.

    On a different note, do you think many people still use Acrobat reader? Perhaps in the corporate world they do. I believe that Internet-savvy people are more likely to use FoxitReader, though – it is far quicker, and speed is what you need here. Editing-wise, for me Acrobat Full brings a new meaning to the word “agony”. Alternative editing apps might be usefully investigated.

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    You can use other programs to generate pdfs, and ideally, they should be text-based programs, such as Word, Quark, etc. Image-based programs generally generate image-based pdfs. A quick way to test things is to try to select the text in your pdfs. If you can select the text (not as a box, but as individual words and letters), then you’re likely okay. However, as I noted in the article, just having it text-based won’t help if you don’t consider the other matters as well.


    While Google doesn’t appear to provide a cache date for pdfs in “view as html” mode, it appears these are cached images. Google’s language: “Google automatically generates html versions of documents as we crawl the web.” I’m not aware of any option to stop that, short of blocking search engines from the pdf content, which would result in the pdf content not being indexed at all.

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    Thanks for the info. Many of our business clients have a lot of PDF content and helping them optimize it has been challenging. We’ll certainly pass along these tips.