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    Friends of Fans are also much more likely to visit a store, website, and even purchase a product or service (comScore).

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    This is the next big area that is ready for someone (maybe me) to accurately show impact and site influence from social media.

    Today, it’s going in too many different directions. Twitter has it’s own method, facebook another, and linkedin has really nothing.

    In this case, the world “People” is too open to add any value. You need to associate the people to more specific details. In time, the accuracy will improve, but today it’s all broad strokes and leaps.

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    I want to see proof of this. I am not believing that all of a sudden all these conversations are going on about my FAN page. FB please provide admins more information and proof of who these people are and what they are saying.

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    Does anyone know if there’s a way to disable that “people are talking about this”-feature? It can actually be contraproductive because if for some reason the activity has been low one week, and people see that “nobody” is talking about it, they may leave because they figure that “nobody” is talking about it. It’s a psychological thing and I would rather not have it on my page. Any way to remove it??