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    “Are too many tag pages being created (meaning there is a lot of dilution
    of link equity and several thin pages housing one post)?”

    I’ve seen so many blogs/sites that are definitely guilty of this. Does one article really need 17 different tags? Does every company or person that gets mentioned deserve their own tag? My thought would be to come up with a set list (however long it needs to be) and stick with that. If something truly doesn’t fit than you can consider creating a new tag.

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    As an FYI, this “few clicks away” from the home page is a big IA and SEO myth. (IA = information architecture). There are enough instances to make people believe this is true all of the time…when it really isn’t true all of the time.

    And I wouldn’t take pagination advice from SEOs. There are appropriate times and situations when and how to use pagination/series. I’d get that advice from a QUALIFIED information architect, first, and then work with a qualified technical architect to implement the recommendations appropriately.

    Using pagination to surface content for SEO purposes? I honestly feel that is not very good advice. There are better and more appropriate ways to surface content.

    Tagging leads to duplicate content delivery. So unless a publisher/news site is prepared to manage duplicate content well? I would hesitate to use tagging.

    In fact, I often find that most people don’t use or know what tag clouds are. Eliminating them produced better results in terms of task completion because there is better use of screen real estate (resulting in better aboutness and information scent).

    Again, I think beginning with a qualified information architect on your website team is just a good idea. I read so much bad and/or incorrect IA advice from SEO professionals. It’s embarrassing, sometimes.

    But it all depends on the type of site and the industry its in. Context is largely ignored, it seems, when it comes to findability and IA.

    My 2 cents.

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