• http://mcarter@receptional.com Miles Carter

    Am I the only person who doesn’t ‘get’ FourSquare? Why bother checking in indeed.

    It seems torn between the reason to use it being a social one, and the reason to use it being to get discounts from chain fast food / coffee etc.

    What about people who don’t have close friends/colleagues also using Foursquare, and avoid big chains?

    The appeal of being the ‘mayor’ of somewhere or having a badge saying you went on a boat is a total mystery to me too. I’m sure most people have been on a boat in their life, what is the big deal with getting an Internet badge to prove it?

    It kind of seems like when mobile phones were newly popular and there was a novelty to talking in unusual places, ie the inconsiderate fool shouting “I’m on a train!!”.

    Indeed, does Foursquare owe some of it’s success to being a great excuse for posers to get out and fiddle in public locations with the smartphone they think makes them look cool and successful?