• justd80010

    But for Bing even their search results would suck or they would be using Google search. Yahoo is where it is for one simple reason, unlike a decade ago, there’s no reason to start there. Worse, there’s no reason to even visit yahoo.com or initiate a search from yahoo.com. About two months ago, I decided, after years of visiting Yahoo.com daily, to stop and see what happened. Nothing happened. I have access to the one service I use, yahoo mail, as an app, and there’s an app that’s better than all the other stuff on yahoo.com too. Both Bing and Google are much better for search.Yahoo does have Flickr going for it. But if you’re shooting pics with a mobile device, Instagram has more awesome, so it’s limited to the sizeable niche of individuals using actual cameras to shoot photos. Yahoo is a relic of the bygone days of AOL and Excite.com. If anything, MS dodged a disaster by not buying Yahoo.

  • Seo Martian

    This is interesting I have noticed much more advertising on yahoo but i have yet to hear someone say hey yahoo that…..