• http://www.AtlantaAnalytics.com Evan LaPointe

    Eric –

    Great post. I think it’s also worth mentioning that the executive-level conversation actually starts a little before getting them to understand the execution. I’d say a good starting place is simply stating this:

    1) This is where we are today
    2) This is the remaining opportunity – to your point about PPC vs natural search clicks
    3) This is the range of that opportunity we expect to achieve (e.g., we can capture 30% of this remaining market share / clicks / revenue / etc)
    3.5) What that will mean to the bottom line
    4) This is the time frame we hope to achieve it
    5) This is the risk
    6) These are the resources we need to achieve our goal

    Then, you can ask them if they’d like to know more about how this stuff works. But if you skip these steps and go into the tactics and specifics (not that you would), they will offer you a multi-colored hat with a propeller on top of it and ask you to not come back.