• http://www.chaddo.com/index.php/local-seo/ Chad Kimball

    I like this. If I were searching for ‘naproxen’ this is what I would want to see.

  • http://www.bobthepharmacist.com/ Bob Diamond R.Ph

    Sounds like a good move; especially for over-the-counter non-prescription medicines where a patient doesn’t normally have easy access to a pharmacist for dependable advice about warnings and interactions, etc.

  • daveintheuk

    Great idea! I wish I could replace my doctor with an algorithm too. Yes – that is definitely a good idea – I cannot imagine any possible problems with this.

  • http://www.microsourcing.com/ MicroSourcing

    It’s a relevant feature than can help a lot of Internet users who intend to self-medicate. Health care is a big concern for a lot of people. However, this new feature shouldn’t be used as a substitute for doctor’s consultations.

  • http://www.socialbakers.com/ Peter Kelly

    This is absolutely a good move. People are trying to self-medicate themselves all day long – this will only help them to find the right solution to their problem. It will significantly help people to find only relevant search results. However, the problem with that could be that people would start to stop visiting their doctor, because they will now think that they are capable enough to “cure” themselves without any help.

  • Angela Duff

    It seems like a good idea in theory, but I’m not so sure about this one. I’ve searched a few prescription drugs and saw that information in this box was pulled from Wikipedia. The pharmaceutical industry is so regulated, so it could be worrisome to pharma brands to see info about their drugs being pulled from not the most reliable sources of information. Pharma has a lot of rules to play by and this seems to conflict with most of them.