• page1pro

    This is great news and it’s something we recently experienced with a client site…

    We have a client whose site was penalized (-50 penalty) due to another blog inserting a site-wide blogroll link back to this client’s site. We got the blogroll link removed, and we instructed the client to file a reconsideration request, which they did. Five days later, they received ‘the message’ in Webmaster Tools that you refer to above.

    However, the client’s site rankings have yet to recover to their previous levels. Do you have any knowledge about what they should do next? Does Google actually send follow-up messages about the status of rankings re-instatement?

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Thanks Barry posting about this…this is very huge news! The mystery that I always had to go through when waiting for new client project sites to get re-instated in the search index was sometime very frustrating…I am so glad to see that Google is making this process much smoother!