• http://www.redmudmedia.com Ralph

    I had a bit of a play with this yesterday and I couldn’t break out the data according to my Google Analytics profiles that correspond with my WMT profiles for each locale I.e. When I tried to look at UK only, for instance, I got a ton of US data e.g. US was driving equal impressions to UK.
    I’m sure I’m missing something on matching profiles, but when I tried to do so it removed all data from profiles that weren’t selected so I only seem to be able to link one country at a time.
    Anyone with tips for international settings on a .com with subfolders for each country please feel free to share!

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk Nathaniel Bailey

    We use different emails for analytics and webmaster tools, so Im gunu have to look to see if we can still set this up, but it sounds good for a fast report.

    Anyone noticed this link https://www.google.com/support/analyticshelp/bin/answer.py?answer=1308632&hl=en_GB&utm_id=ad its linked to when you click on the button “Set up Webmaster Tools data sharing”, yet again, another jam packed information page from google lol

    Anyways, back to associating our analytics account’s’ with a different WMT account.
    For example we have, seo@domain.com for WMT and our own work emails for analytics, for example nathaniel@domain.com

    Does anyone know if we can use this new section in analytics like this? So we can all associate our accounts (name@domain.com) with the single WMT account (seo@domain.com)?

  • http://www.cnet.com Simon Serrano

    These are the exact same numbers that appear in GWT, right? Or are they more detailed/accurate because they’re tied directly into GA?

  • http://businessadvantage.wordpress.com Jim Barnett

    Yeah – Rand over at SEOMoz mentioned this. I had a play with it first thing this morning – very cool and useful, however, it’s essentially the same stuff as Webmaster tools but has a little more detail like Simon mentioned.

    It simply means you don’t need to keep flipping between GWT and GA – good call Google.

  • http://ifyouhadfaith.com Faith

    I have yet to use the Google Webmaster tools…I have been using Analytics for quite some time now though, and so far I love what they offer. I’m sure I would be just as happy with the Webmaster tools so I’m going to have to carve out some time to set that up now that they’ve been integrated with each other.