• daveintheuk

    Google is now the thinnest of affiliate sites. Zero content (perhaps they’ll start scraping the Wikipedia page for “credit cards” and showing that in the sidebar to the right now too!).

    Google needs to drop the “best for users” bullshit and start being honest with the world “best for shareholders” is their new mantra.

  • http://twitter.com/RCONNOR111 ROBERT CONNOR III

    About as clear as mud….Have a great day on purpose!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DH2KQZ5UI3IVMOOO35DLKLYZHM Jim

    Once again I have to say it. Isn’t it strange all these upgrades to these money making arms of Google are happening right now after Google made one of the most far reaching changes to it’s index in 10 years? Adwords gets all these new features and now this. Yes I am being cynical but you have to wonder.

  • robthespy

    You can’t fault them from trying to grab every bit of bread on the table. But they’re becoming way too sleazy!

    And now every Google property is a usability nightmare. The ‘Plex employees need to get out more!

  • jet20

    I’m not at all surprised. You don’t have enough fingers on your hands to count the many instances Google did “evil” last year according to its own age-old policies, so this is just another step over to the dark side. Google has long cancelled the informal contract between search engines and webmasters (we can crawl and use your content for free, you get free traffic). Google the Search Engine was nothing without webmaster’s content. It is the original scraper site, the like it likes to penalize these days. We all accepted it because obviously the deal was acceptable for both parties. This is less and less the case with every day this new, greedy, “filthy rich” Google is proceeding with its plans.

    Already there are moves by the content creators to have Google pay their due for using their content in their websites.  Right now that may be only powerful lobby groups such as the Press (Google News controversy), but expect more people demanding their share in success or telling the GoogleBot to “NoIndex This!”. Google has screwed us over long enough!

  • http://twitter.com/eSocialMediaUSA eSocialMedia

    The more Google gains absolute control over search, apps and online marketing in general the more they will roll over the businesses and individuals that willingly gave them the data to do so.

    My opinion is that each of us either as a business or individual need to gain control over and centralize our own data. From there we control who to share it with, like Google, Facebook or Twitter, either for mutual benefit or for direct compensation.

    If everything about you and your life is eventually digitized and connected, yet you do not own or control that data, where does that leave you? dependent.

    No Index, No Follow, and remove your data from all “data search engines” like whitepages, ZabaSearch, 411, MyLife and more is a first step.

    The mutually beneficial relationship we have had with online companies is now out of balance. We as the data providers need to identify the issue, share it, organize into a group then pull out of this loosely defined, unhealthy agreement to restore the balance.

    The question is, will we do what is right, or what is easy?

  • http://www.realwebmarket.com Pradeep

    looks like Google will ultimately push Google products top!

  • http://www.developmentcatalyst.blogspot.com/ Development Catalyst Admin

    I’d like to think Google  wants  Biz Owners to drive more revenue  to
    its  Google’s search engine Ads or Adwords using the penguin algorithm
    update  .

    I wrote a blog post  about this  here:


  • http://twitter.com/mattchantry Matt Chantry

    Spot on Dave. What I have a problem with is that they still haven’t included prices from the hotel directly in their hotel finder. In many cases it’s cheaper to book directly so they aren’t helping the end user. Just having OTA’s allows them to make a bit of cash everytime someone books. We’ve covered it here:


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EFV5KQMVOFDZN4RTT6U5UE6NDM Jordan

    wow, not a single comment so far praising the Goog…… interesting……

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  • http://wogan.me Wogan

    What’s best for the user? Sifting through 9 or 10 organic search results from a hotel query to find a suitable offer? Or getting a direct link to that offer straight after a query?

    If it’s the latter, then how do you ensure that the user experience is top-notch? (Vacancies open, fast page load time, secure vendor, etc)? Just open applications up to the public, and let anyone list? Or restrict it to companies that are willing to buy in to your vision?

    If it’s the latter, how do you pick those companies? The ones who process the most bookings, the ones with the biggest market cap, or the ones willing to take a financial risk, because they’re confident they can live up to the demand?

    Just because it’s good for business doesn’t mean it’s bad for users. The fact you’re even able to complain about it is because a whole chain of companies – from R&D, to telecom, to your ISP, and this very website, exist because their operations are good for business.

  • http://www.webstatsart.com/ Webstats Art

     I actually think that search engine land is a blessing to google i.e. a place for them to get some feedback from others who don’t work for them i.e. constructive criticism.

  • Royal_Martin

    Yeah, Google can kiss my a$$. I am sure we will see the rise of another search engine that will play fair to some greater extent and folks will migrate over. You will never be able to beat the quality of what has been published for free. It is what has made the Internet a great place to learn, socialize, and become a participant of the human race.

    The new Bing with social results getting ready to be rolled out I think has the potential to kick Eric Schmidt square in the nuts so hard Matt Cutts feels it.