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    Regardless if it does or does not, I find it’s better to register for as long as you feel comfortable doing so, I hate getting those domain expiration notices.

    Also, Matt should have a t-shirt the simply reads MGC – Make Great Content, then he could just point and smile when at conferences.

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    Hi Matt – This is a very interesting article…I agree that sometimes in SEO you have to pick a side of a topic and stick to it for various reasons and experience level. Personally I think domain registration is an important factor as it establishes trust and I have seen several cases that it has impacted the client’s results.

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    Considering that not every website is CNN and that almost 80% websites are those of SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) and that even the most specific niche have competition in several millions, even the smallest SEO ‘flag’ cannot be overlooked / avoided. Longer Domain registration length, hence, becomes a ‘Must -have’.

    Further, Google is always noticed to rank oldest websites well, in SERPs. How do newer websites compete to that?

    @chiropractic LOL. Liked the t-shirt idea. I will back that.