• http://twitter.com/seocharlie Carlos Chacón l SEO

    Well, this is something we´ve been talking lately: geolocation. Just another signal of what Google´s looking for: better SERP´s for users. Thanks for the update Vanessa.

  • Joel

    I hate to be “that” guy, but the country is “Colombia” not “Columbia”.

  • NPires

    That’s all well and good for a single country, what about regions? I’m targeting Latin America and I have resorted at hosting in the US southern states with a .com but still would have liked to use a host in Spain, how do we target regions, anyone?

  • LarryEngel

    I’m disappointed they don’t allow location change for the .st domain. I’d like to set it to U.S..

  • Guest

    is that good for seo?

  • alejandro rivero

    Here the problem is Google’s metaphobia, because there is a well-defined tag to tell that a page scope is international: