• http://www.planetc1.com/ chiropractic

    So to be clear Matt, you are saying that people I follow should have tweets appearing in my Google search results but not tweets by those I don’t follow?

    Currently, I get the “Results from people in your social circle” at bottom of page, will watch for changes you mention.

  • http://www.mylocalis.com Adam Marsh

    They are appearing from people that I follow and don’t follow.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    chiropractic, if you’re only seeing them at the bottom like that, you’re still seeing the old version of Social Search. This should change within the week.

    Adam, Social Search results come from anyone in your “social circle,” which includes friends of friends. IE — even if you don’t know someone, you still might see something they shared because you’re connected to them through someone else.

    In a few case with news content, Google will show you social information in general, from people even if you have no connection with them at all. That’s not considered part of social search — and yeah, I know, it’s confusing. This article explains more about it:


  • coryhowell

    So is it too far of a stretch to say that increasing your “network” (real or otherwise) would be beneficial for SEO purposes?

    The larger your network, the more opportunity for your shares/tweets/etc. to be displayed to friends, friends-of-friends, etc..

    Obviously there may be an authority impact/factor involved, but it still seems like it could be manipulated.

  • http://bit.ly/hg57gQ frrugal

    Seriously? This is Google’s answer to Facebook?

    Google should just stick to what they know, the blue links are doing just fine, if I want to see what my Twitter people, or Facebook friends are recommending for cars, I’ll ask them on Twitter, or Facebook.

    Anyways….next story.

  • http://www.dragonblogger.com/ Justin Germino

    Very interesting I wonder what criteria Google uses to show “who shared” an article, who they consider authority or popular enough to be listing them. Obviously they must have a way of weeding out accounts that would solely be used to try and game the system.

  • Garrett

    Matt or Danny,

    Do you guys know what percentage of searches are executed by logged-in/linked users? I’m just curious what type of impact this “may” have on SEO at this point. I’d guess that a small minority of searches will actually be affected by this, but would be curious to see if you’ve got any data.


  • Matt McGee

    Garrett, I don’t know but it’s a good question. I doubt Google would share the info, though.

  • http://www.sefati.net Alireza Sefati

    With so many people on Facebook and Google not using the “like” button, I wonder what happened to their philosophy of user experienced and “what users like google like”.

  • http://www.miamiwebdesignpro.com POP_Creative@twitter

    what about hash tags? will they show up?

  • http://www.mom-venture.com Melissa Hall

    Thank you for this article. I got a serious let down just now because I was checking my site’s rankings in the search results and all of a sudden today it was showing up on the first page for most of my key search terms. Then I find out it was only because I was logged in to Google and it was showing the Social results!!! Very, very dissapointed. I do not like this idea of showing social results at all unless it is completely separate from Real results! This really really stinks…..

  • http://www.nuttakorn.net nuttakorn

    Google used this combination of social connection to support social signal as following.

    – Direct connections from your Google chat buddies and contacts
    – Direct connections from links that appear on your Google profile
    – Secondary connections that are publicly associated with your direct connection

  • http://www.vertical-leap.co.uk Kerry Dye

    @Garrett – that would be great info. In my experience outside the SEO arena, almost everyone leaves themselves logged into a Google account. My funniest experience was a company account with Web History turned on that meant I could see where other members of staff had been looking for jobs elsewhere :-)

  • http://informabiz.com Mehmet Korukmez

    Is there any stats or data about how many people actualy gone through the hassle and login to their Google Account,link twitter account with google SERPS ?

  • http://www.web-savvy-marketing.com rebeccagill

    I’m struggling with this new feature. It appeared this morning in my searches and I think it skewed my search results quality towards the negative.

    Every time I searched for anything with the word WordPress in it, Google was pushing my website’s WordPress website design page in page one results. I appreciate that ranking increase for searches other people do, but I do not find it of value for my own searches. Is it really of value to have my own web pages elevated in searches I perform?

    What this does illustrate is the importance of social media in search. While a painter, plumber, or OB/GYN office may not obtain high traffic from Twitter, having a Twitter account influence potential client’s search results is of value. A new consideration for all of us internet marketers.

  • http://nut-a-tut.blogspot.com nuttynupur

    I thought FB like was the new link sharing, now you tell me Twitter’s replaced that! What I like most about Google is that it is reacts so quickly to developments always, often setting the bar. So even if others innovate, it adapts itself.

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