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    Politicians are not bothered about the religious sentiments of people rather they are trying to protect the tarnishing image of politicians that is the central issue.

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    Its a really terrible and harrassing news for social media optimizer because they have a lot of activities, Indian internet new censorship law according to kapil Sibal “My aim is that insulting material never gets uploaded. We will evolve guidelines and mechanisms to deal with the issue. [The companies] will have to give us the data, where these images are being uploaded and who is doing it.” its a good to protect against volition.
    and it will definitely jeopardize the freedom of speech and liberty among common people. Such kind of laws should not be enacted by the government.

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    Absolutely a bad thing! Maybe the publishers SHOULD just let India kill the service in their country….wouldn’t that mean that the populace would “rise up” like we’ve seen before and get their politicians to open back up the gates…

    As a blogger, I too realize the issue of censorship of comments etc…..and I think that this prior restraint is totallly wrong….



  • pankajgupta

    Much ado about nothing!
    Anybody who knows anything about India knows its too large to be policed selectively. The Indian courts or government asking for selected content to be removed is no different from United States government asking content to be removed. Why is it when the French government asks google to remove Nazi propaganda its not considered and infringement on free speech but when Indian government makes a similar request its considered infringement of free speech ?

    The US government and courts have made more requests for content to be removed from Google/Facebook than Indian government.

    Seriously maybe you should think before posting. A blanket ban (like China) is very different from legitimate requests from a democratically elected representatives of people with independent judicial oversight.

    The quote from the “minister” in Indian govt is irrelevant and out of context. Only judicial authorities can approve/dis-approve sub-poenas for removing “content”