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    Nice post… and it is a good thing Google is changing rankingfactors daily. However… sometimes it seems it has no real effect at all and spam is growing like weed in it’s engine. I thus think they will not be able to create the perfect engine.


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    In ‘Computer Mediated Transactions’ (March 6, 2010), Google’s chief economist Hal Varian said:

    “In 2008, Google ran 6,000 experiments involving web search which re-
    sulted in 450-500 changes in the system. Some of these were experiments with
    the user interface, some were basic changes to the algorithm. The ads team at Google ran a similar number of experiments, tweaking everything from the background color of the ads, to the spacing between the ads and search results, to the underlying ranking algorithm.”

    Similar numbers were quoted by Amit Singhal.