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    It is going to be a tough challenge for Google in those 5 countries, lets see how they go about in the next couple of years.

  • Hany B

    In Japan, I thought Yahoo had more traffic (blogs, auctions, etc.) But Google had more traffic who were actually using search.

  • Charles O’Happy

    Yes, the tagline at the end means “Life is a search”.
    According to some Czech sites, the news were revoken the next day (see for example http://www.lupa.cz/clanky/google-nad-seznamem-zatim-nezvitezil/ – Czech only) because of misinterpreted statistics.
    Well, even if Google wasn’t number one now here in Czech republic, it will be probably soon because the trend is apparent.

  • http://www.stateofsearch.com Bas van den Beld

    .sk is Slovenia I believe, so how accurate are the combined numbers? It’s not Google.cz alone, so we should be careful with saying they are actually bigger :). But as Charles says, they did make a big leap indeed.

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    Global Domination… sounds like the plot of an upcoming James Bond movie.

    [Read with a melodramtic movie-voice]
    “Evil mastermind to control (I mean organize) the world’s information”

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    Google is surprisingly incompetent in most searches in a language other that European.
    If you search in Russian, yandex beats it by a mile.
    For example, I got websites in other languages and blank place-holder domain squatter sites on the first page of google searches for “library” and “tickets” in Russian!
    Here is my post:

  • Jaroslav Soucek

    This article is not correct. Toplist is really small snapshot of Czech internet. The most visited site using Toplist codes is ranked number 46 in Czech. Secondly the doesn’t refer about Czech users, it’s mixed up with google.sk, com etc. The correct one is http://www.toplist.cz/stat/?a=history&type=4&lang=CZ which refers about Czech users – not international traffic using Czech language in settings. This is press release by seznam which explains that missinterpretation of statistics http://seznam.pr.sblog.cz/2011/01/13/469. This media bubble – because its not based on fatcs starts 11.1.11.. When you have a look on google reaction and taking into account that its not true the tittle loooks very wired and suspicious http://google-cz.blogspot.com/2011/01/11111-1.html. SEL is professional server and I would say that this needs to be corrected,

  • forcer

    Whole statistic is bullshit, why you use statistics from google.sk as well? Slovakia is not part of Czech republic, why are you so ignorant to not get your facts? Basicaly google.cz did not beat seznam.cz at all.
    @Bas van den Beld Slovakia, not Slovenia.

  • Matt McGee

    Thank you all for the links and comments. We’ve just posted an updated article here:


  • http://www.stateofsearch.com Bas van den Beld

    @forcer sorry, you are right :)

    Why .sk is calculated also is because they calculate in Slovakians living in Czech. They also calculate Google.de for germans, .pl for Polish people etc.

    Good piece btw Matt, the updated article. My take is here: http://bit.ly/fpto36

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    I am pretty sure Google Japan powers the results of Yahoo! Japan.