• Ken Ham

    How do you know there will be a “string of” logos? Yes, that’s been done in the past, but this year I’m betting they won’t.

  • Beth

    From “human rights” only the rights are left. The human is gone.

    Russia, unlike many Western countries, is truly democratic, because the government simply responds to the will of the majority — the demos, The vast majority of Russians do not see homosexuality as a positive value for their country, and they have the full right to choose it to be so. And what happens in the West? Perhaps in some countries like Norway or Belgium the laws about homosexuality do reflect the moral will of the people, but in many more other Western countries governments simply promote and enforce laws beyond the majority’s will…. They say the separation of religion and state is a secularization achievment of the Western culture, but having ruled all religious ideologies out, the secular government does nothing else but forge another secular “religion” — just another ideology to go by and that it proclaims as “the holy truth” that everyone must obey under the threat of “excommunication”.

    Moreover: Respected Google Staff, do you think painting all the Olympics’ participants in gay colours, as you did in your logo, respect human rights? Does it really reflect the reality that the majority of competitors in the Olympics feel positive about homosexuality and are happy to see themselves being part of gay rights advertisement?

    The logo does not reflect what is really there, and thus it is just another “Western democratic” propaganda that infringes on the right of every person to choose what they want to support and what they don’t.

  • jhanschoo

    I agree. Discrimination is disgusting.

  • 00gagt

    So by making this Google wanted to show unity for gay athletes but by doing so they are leaving out the straight athletes… So really Google is going against the Olympic Charter as well

  • mark

    If the charter says “without discrimination of any kind”, how come there are separate mens & womens events?

  • Scrub

    Russia should play sports, not discrimination.
    Shame on Russia. And shame on you for supporting Russia’s discriminatory stance, and shame on you for calling out Google for doing the right thing, which the IOC has evidently refused to do. This isn’t about politics, this is about basic human rights, which Putin’s laws grossly violate and should not be stood for.

    Also Vancouver, Canada.

  • Ian Wilbur

    Amen Scrub. It’s only “politics” if you are a bigot. Otherwise it’s just the basic human dignity that is at the core of the Olympic spirit.

  • ajnd jdns

    Since when did human rights become Politics ??

    Google did the right thing and it has exercised its freedom of expression..

    Go live in Russia or China if you don’t like freedom of expression

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    I think, Mark, it’s because women aren’t barred from competing in the events because they are women. They are classed in some events against other women, I believe, because generally it would be unequal in physical strength against men in some cases. I assume that’s the general reason, just as you might have men in different weight classes. But you’re not stopped from competing just because you’re a man, a woman, of a set weight, etc.

  • G Jurgens

    In the beginning there was Adam And Steve in the garden of eden and God said go forth and multiply!

  • stargaezr

    Because it would be unfair. Now before you assume “Oh, men are just better at sports” That is most definitely not the case. Men and Women are just built differently. Pit a 250 lb man against a 200 lb woman in a wrestling match and my money’s on the gentleman. Pit the same two people in a figure skating competition and I’m voting for the lady. So it’s better to Put men vs. men and women vs. women in any given competition, to make it a fair and honest fight.

  • Funnyy Stash

    pay your taxes google you have no right to moan about morals when your constantly dodging taxes while putting the middle man out of business, your ethics make little sense to people, it would be like the “sheriff of nottingham” being robinhood at the same time, doesn’t make much adsense does it…

  • mark

    Disingenuous. in sport, and life, there will always be inequalities in physical strength. Having men-only & women-only may help in effectively handicapping events for the contestants and gives everyone a better chance of competing in their grades but surely this is discrimination (btw, I don’t believe discrimination is always wrong)
    Just to stir the pot a bit more, I don’t think the Russians have said they will not allow gays to compete – insofar as the Olympics are involved, I don’t think they are discriminating.
    That said, I think that Putins anti-gay laws are disgusting.

  • Ren-ren

    But then again, what is “right” for you may not be “right” for others, in this case, Russia.

  • Ren-ren

    But they couldn’t multiply.

  • G Jurgens

    I know we are living matrix and the only only one around is Adam & Steve ! They live for ever and ever! The Devil not part of the Story .(know dumb Blonds to trick to eat the forbidden Fruit)

  • mark

    ok… but how is it not discrimination?
    I’m a man. Any olympic standard woman runner would wipe the floor with me, but I’m not allowed to compete. Not because of my (lack of) ability, but because of my gender.
    We are recognising differences between people and treating people differently because of mean/average performances.
    It’s not unreasonable, but it is discrimination.

  • John

    I’m so tired of this issue. Every time when I want to read something about Sochi Olympic games and athletes, this issue shows up. Please we need info about sports, athletes. Please stop this issue from tomorrow. We need sports, Olympic games!!!!!!!

  • $9351150

    looks as you are seriously brain washed…
    Did you read that “anti-gay” Putin`s law you opposed?
    Do you know at least the name of that law – `Forbiding propaganda of homosexuality to Minors“ What is ”anti-gay” in that law.
    Several US states has a similar laws. Why you are not protesting.

  • $9351150

    Whats freedom of expression has in common with LGBT propoganda to minors.
    The similar laws exist in several states in US, if you don`t know.

  • Dominick Person

    inequality for all and understanding for all! – spread the word!! also smiles =] smiles are good!

  • $9351150

    Actually, it`s not “right` for 70% of Russians. It`s their history, let them go their own way. Some countries – Iraq, etc. already enjoyed `western values`forced to them. Thanks very much!

  • Atmos

    Because a persons sex cant be changed, and its fact that the 2 different sexes have their strengths and weaknesses.

    But there is no fact based on behavioral discrimination.
    Being gay at the Olympics makes no difference whatsoever, being male or female does.

    Basically, if you DID in fact exercise and train to be her equal, more often than not, you would win, statistically.

    Then there would be no point in woman participating in most of the tournaments, and later they would not compete anymore, which WOULD lead to discrimination.

  • $9351150

    Did you read the ”anty-gay” law.
    Do you even know the name of that law.
    It`s all propaganda by the military-industrial complex which can not function without the enemy. In this case – Russia with its ortodox history is an easy target, and good people become brain washed.

  • Dominick Person

    Inequality and understanding for all! Spread the word!!

  • http://exhibit-of-the-disturbing-robotic-monkey.nl/ Robotic Monkey

    i think you missed a few classes… please go back to school

  • Shakira Mason

    This is brilliant. A huge institution like Google standing up for LGBTQA+ rights puts a lot more pressure on other institutions, especially commercial sponsors of the Winter Games like Coca-Cola and McDonalds (who have actually also already stood up against Russian gay legislation) to also stand out against it.

  • Shakira Mason

    I love this because the whole ‘The bible said Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!1!!1’ thing is so ridiculous. Like, I could choose to say ‘Well, it says Adam AND Eve, not Adam OR Eve, therefore God wants everyone to be bisexual’. People are stupid. You’re not stupid, you’re funny.

  • Serb4Life300 .

    Google wont post anything for Christmas or Eastern…but they would post this …normal people don’t support homos….sick ….smh

  • $9351150
  • $9351150
  • Ren-ren

    That’s the point isn’t it? Pressure. After making the world buy western products, now we’re “pressured” to live by western ideals. Imperialism.

  • http://exhibit-of-the-disturbing-robotic-monkey.nl/ Robotic Monkey

    oh yes now I believe you, coz you send me 3 article form the same shitty news outlet…… like i said before please go back to school

  • $9351150

    Do you know at least the tittle of that “anti-gay“ law.
    It`s anti-Russian *propaganda*. Enjoy sport instead.

  • Captain Obvious

    The day that basic human rights becomes “western values” and subject to majority consent, your country pretty much sucks at that point.

  • $9351150

    Washington Post is shitty outlet.. *You* should go to school

  • $9351150

    I know – Sodom and Gomorrah sucked…

  • Tom Johnson

    I believe children should be taught in schools that gays and lesbians deserve respect and equal rights.

  • 0bserver1

    Whoa! I’ve just expressed my opinion on gays (I admit it was anti-gay opinion) and got banned by this stupid website! Anti-gays have no right to express themselves? Ah, of course. How could I forgot The Western Double Standards!

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Normally, I’d delete your comment for making a slur, just as I would if you did that against any ethnicity or race. That’s not acceptable behavior. And if you repeat it or similar things, where you can’t express your views without hateful speech, that will get deleted

    But to educate you more, Google did do an Easter logo in 2000:


    It doesn’t always do a logo over-and-over for ever holiday, and I’d sure agree that it didn’t consider how it looked to run one last year for Cesar Chavez on Easter after Easter had been overlooked again for so long.


    Not that Chavez didn’t deserve a logo, but with more thought, it could have run another year where it wouldn’t have been seen by some as slam against Easter.

    But as for Christmas, that’s one Google does honor year after year with logos and special things that appear when you search for it:


  • Scrub

    I’ll quote wikipedia, and hope we can skip the quibbling over the validity of that source.

    “In 2013, Russia received criticism from around the world for enacting a law that bans the distribution of “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” to minors, which effectively makes it illegal to suggest that gay relationships are equal to heterosexual relationships or to distribute material on gay rights.[4] Leaders of foreign governments have condemned the law, as have 27 Nobel prize winners from the fields of science and the arts.[5]

    Since the passage of the anti-gay propaganda law, the media has reported the arrest of a gay rights activist[6] as well as a surging incidence of hate crimes motivated by homophobia,[7][8] including hate crimes perpetrated by neo-Nazi groups against gay minors.[9][10] A law prohibiting gay pride parades in Moscow for one-hundred years has also recently been enacted.[11] International rights groups have described the current situation as the worst human rights climate in the post-Soviet era, while Russian human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva has called passage of the law against gay propaganda “a step toward the Middle Ages.”[4]”

    Yes, I understand the law does not technically state that it is illegal to be gay, it just states that it is illegal to proclaim publicly that there is nothing wrong with being gay.

    As far as the 8 US States with the “no promo homo” laws goes, I am equally as opposed to those laws as I am the Russian laws, but to be honest I expect (parts of) America to be a morally-bankrupt, socially backwards nation (at least in the so-called red states, the Republican party, amongst tea partiers, or anywhere Glen Back happens to be, for example), so it comes as no surprise and I see no hypocrisy here, on my part, anyhow.

    That said, to my knowledge no American citizens have been imprisoned for proclaiming public opinions about homosexuality as a viable lifestyle, and there is no US state or city where pride parades are officially prohibited. So although I agree that the United States is full of issues of it’s own when it comes to discrimination and human rights issues (to say nothing of Guantanamo Bay, perhaps the most flagrant offence to human rights by a supposedly modern nation this century), that does not invalidate the opinion that Russia is brutally oppressive and backwards in it’s own right, and this is the issue at hand, as it regards the Olympics and Google’s right to make a stand.

    And Ren-Ren, civil rights are not imperialist western ideals. If you really mean to spin the Social Relativist position that “it can be the right thing for Russian people to discriminate against homosexuality” then perhaps you should discuss that with some Russian homosexuals. I suppose you think it’s also perfectly alright for fundamentalist Muslims to kill their daughters if they are victims of rape?

    Fundamental human rights supersede the ails of hegemony.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    An “opinion” filled with profanity isn’t welcome, regardless of the subject. That’s why it was removed.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    It’s late, and since it’s clear this is a charged subject with some people — who often also aren’t able to express themselves in accordance to our common sense guidelines listed above the comment box, I’m closing the comments. We don’t have the time to play police when people can’t express themselves without profanity or sometimes outright hatred. If you disagree with what Google has done, I’m sure you’ll find many other forums to express that.

  • Flytrap21

    Just because Google has “Olympic Charter” on its landing page does not mean that it is stands up to Russia’s anti-gay legislation. Google did the same thing in 2002 during the Salt Lake City winter Olympics… were they standing up to America’s anti-gay legislation then!?

    This headline is such a huge ridiculous leap in logic, it actually defies… errr logic.

  • beth454

    You used the term ” poisoning earlier. “To me the poisoning isn’t gays try to have “basic human rights” its others spreading hate against them. HATE is what poisons nations. They aren’t wanting YOU to be gay or live their lifestyle. They want to be treated as equal human beings. You really think a gay person woke up one day and said “GEE, I would like to be FEARED, HATED, BULLYIED, and REJECTED for loving differently. I want to NOT be able to marry the person I love. I want for someone to say I am incapable of raising of loving a child.” For a second just imagine if people treated you like this. They don’t want to “POISON” the world they want the world to leave them alone and stop judging them.

  • $9351150

    You don’t understand that 70% Russians support the “non-propaganda to minors” law. Let Russians develop (and hopefully gradually improve) their values themselves. Why you think you have rights to teach other contries how to live? First clean in your own house. Your govt can only F— others: f— this, f— that, f— EU ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-26072281 ). Saying one thing and doing completely different. Hypocrisy!