• http://www.facebook.com/people/Geoff-Lohrere/1013361371 Geoff Lohrere

    Google have lost the plot! I found several of my sites knocked back down by EMD and they are high quality and very much loved sites. One has even been added to sold software because of the accuracy of the information.
    Also, one of my pages was penalised out of existance in April 2012 by Penguin but now it is back in first place with the blue links under it as very much loved by Google. How can it be bad one month and excellent a few months later with no changes?? I have also found Google disobeying robots.txt and indexing pages that they shouldn’t be. And on their forum they say it is because they cannot read the “noindex” because it is blocked by robots.txt but they read it anyway
    so how can that be? And to state another obvious point, if robots.txt blocks a
    page, then isn’t it blatently obvious that you do not want it indexed??? So I
    physically blocked the pages with mod_rewrite and the next thing I found was
    Google trying to gain access through FTP on my server!!! What on earth are they
    up to? I also had Zonealarm saying that some Google software wanted acess to
    the net and yet I have no Google software installed and never have. Are they
    putting spyware out there now as well? Something is very wrong here and there
    can be no doubt that Matts changes are seriously flawed. I am now using Bing
    and helping them make changes for the better and I am finding excellent
    results. http://www.bing.com is now the best choice I have found. Since the results are intelligent and stable in Bing, what can we do to make it more popular and then we no longer have to do the Google dance?