• ericking

    I like your idea of Google only showing nearby suggestions for businesses who have not claimed their listing. However, Google will probably take advantage of this as another revenue opportunity and, instead, charge businesses not to show nearby suggestions.

  • charliesaidthat

    I wonder wether they might introduce a paid option for businesses to prevent adverts?

    -also as a side note, you make it really quite hard for people to leave a comment. took me 5 minutes to get through your email system to log in. I get that you like having emails for marketing etc. But consider making the process a little easier if you would like comments and conversation here!!

  • http://www.semreportcard.com semreportcard

    The question is, does it improve the user (consumer) experience?

  • PortlandLocalSMaster

    I was waiting for someone to notice this! I noticed yesterday and was a little upset. They already allow ads for my competitors on my business profile. Is it really necessary to put my competitors right there on my page as well!? I’ve had so many problems with Google Maps already, this is just another annoyance to add to the list. For Google, they are really doing a horrible job with this product, It’s quite disappointing. They create such an amazing product, with so much potential, that so many people use, and then don’t take the time to fix any of the bugs or huge problems that people are having with it. For a search engine, they are doing a horrible job with aggregating the data and quality control over the listings. Then to top it off they have absolutely NO HELP SUPPORT for the product, seriously, try and get a hold of someone at Google to talk about maps, I dare you! Long story short, Google really needs to step it up and have some accountability for a product that millions of people use each day and fix bugs that are potentially costing businesses millions. Thank you Search Engine Land for letting me vent and to anyone who actually took the time to make it all the way through this novel of a comment.
    – and ps, I agree with Charliesaidthat, it was rather hard to create an account to leave a comment. Hope you guys can work that out for a better UE, but regardless I LOVE YOU GUYS and it was worth the 5 minutes it took, keep up the good work!

  • http://www.localprice.com robshields

    I think you are missing something here in your analysis: businesses like the ones you cited above benefit when they appear in the ‘Nearby places’ section of their competitors’ place pages. For instance, if you click on ‘Matt’s In the Market’ in the example above, you’ll notice that Il Bistro appears in the ‘Nearby places’ section. In this case, Il Bistro benefits from the feature.

    If you consider that, in addition to displaying many competing businesses on their places page, the business also appears in this same section for many of their competitors pages, this seems more like a wash to business. Clearly the consumer benefits from quickly being able to find similar businesses. So what’s the controversy about?