• davep

    I’m amazed at the audacity of Google launching this at the time it is facing a number of investigations into alleged anti-competitive business practices.

    The majority of links Google Related pops up are links to their own properties.

    For example, I run a restaurant guide website. When I browse a restaurant page on my site, it pops up offering me links to: Google’s Place page for the same restaurant; the Google maps page for the same restaurant; links to Google places pages for other restaurants nearby; some web results to other competitors sites. Perhaps some of this is useful to the user, but the abundance of links to Google properties makes me more than a little sceptical as to the true intentions here.

    If I browse the Google Places page, it doesn’t give me any suggestions. In fact, I’ve yet to find any Google page it does give suggestions for.

    In my opinion, the sole purpose of this, as with virtually every algo change, redesign and product they have launched recently is to get users onto Google web properties and away from other websites.

  • http://www.kanat.org Kanat Ozturan

    It’s MALWARE-ADWARE. That’s what Google-Related is. I hardly think users would appreciate this addon because its one more distraction that resides on top of the page you are visiting. Just like the pop-ups, page blocking annoying ads. So I can’t believe that anybody can say anything positive about it. I hate it as a user, I hate is as an e-commerce site owner. I wonder how this article would read if that addon was downloaded to your from a third-party feeding SEARCH HELP. The article would be showing you ways to clean it.

  • dans

    For web publishers, this is a bad idea. We spend lots of time, money and energy optimizing our sites for search to build traffic. Now, the \Google Related\ toolbar is pushing our users to our competitor sites. It’s only a matter of time before Google ads start to display in the toolbar. There will also be issues on publishers sites that use their own footer tool bars like Wibya. Two stacked toolbars will create a poor user experience.