• http://www.sokmotorkonsult.se Magnus Bråth

    Wasn’t MayDay mostly a stab at “low quality sites” such as Amazon.com?

  • http://www.seroundtable.com/ Barry Schwartz


    Yes, I wrote that above. But Google promised to get stricter on that.

  • http://www.merlinox.com merlinox

    Hi @barry and everyone. I’m italian and I’ve some vertical search engine (Google CSE) with the post aggregator. My sites (expecially Ricette20.it) has been hardly hit by MayDay.

    Now I’ve a little question: all site that press releases must to tremble with this SERP revolution? They have 80-90% of duplicate content. Right?


  • Jen Whaley

    What I want to know are the conversion rates for the businesses who participate in “spammy on-page content.” If they are participating in the above tactics then they aren’t truly being beneficial to their audience at all. What I stress to my clients is that of course keywords are important for SEO, but offering real, educational information, and timely and relevant solutions are ultimately what will increase profit and create happy and loyal customers.

  • zzsimonb

    I cannot offer an informed comment over the research, human nature though would lead me to think that there may well be a slight skewing. Certainly not to the extent that I would do if I had a search engine. If it were mine, of course I would favor my own material. Quite honestly it matters nothing to me if the results are skewed. There are much bigger problems to be wrestled to the ground.

    Empty content ‘know it all’ web sites seem to rank high in every search. Music being the the one that I come across most often. As a reviewer I am looking for information, not a template that has a bands name, a CD tittle, and a button telling me that I can be the first to write a review! Why do the empty sites rank so highly?

    Even worse, sites that do nothing but scrape content, then rank higher than the original site. To add insult to injury, the sites are packed with Google Adsense ads. This is a double whammy! To some, myself included, it seems like Google is playing both ends against the middle!