• https://www.serps.com Scott Krager

    At this point I just assume Google/Facebook know everything about me. I don’t trust anyone online much anymore. Even if a company wants to keep information private, more and more hackers (see PSN) are ruining the fun.

    It’s buyer beware again.


  • David_lou

    What’s wrong with that quote?! and why are you ‘mining’ quotes to be outraged about? a social graph can be built through phone numbers there is nothing wrong with that, a user could be asked to add their phone contacts to any social graph.

    Please rise above this sort of foolery and ignore the PR requests asking you to write about them

  • http://www.vancemarketing.com V.M.

    I don’t even know all the contact on my phone list. Many of them are business contacts I met at networking meetings. Maybe sending a social networking invite would help rejuvenate leads.

  • Matt McGee

    Appreciate the comment, David, but I don’t believe I express any outrage in this article. Just reporting the news. Oh, and there’s no PR effort associated with this story, aside from the Google PR team’s (lack of) response, which I reported in the article.

  • Martin Lawrence

    The part that is verrry creepy is “get people to either give us or discover their ‘social graphs’. In context with mentioning people’s phone contects, that seems to Imply that google will discover my contacts without asking me. Seeing what Google attemted with Buzz – building a graph from contects without asking – it is not far fetched to assume that he was thinking along these lines.

    I actually don’t believe Schmidt realized what he was implying. He just seems plain clumsy sometimes. I definitely don’t trust for a moment that he has the people’s best interests at heart – all he sees is the battle for the social graph, which Google is currently losing.

  • Arjan ter Huurne

    Ahum… Facebook launched a new version of it’s iPhone and Android app two weeks ago where they ask you to utilise your phonebook contacts to search for new FB friends. Nothing to see here, move along please

  • http://www.andykuiper.com Andy Kuiper

    FB and G try to out do each other by sneaking into our personal and private data: Priceless!