so much for not posting things like this. this really newsworthy? this topic is like shampoo … wash, rinse, repeat. talk about something else

  • http://jameshalloran.net/ James R. Halloran

    It’s interesting to see that Google is mirroring U.S. pubic policy. When you want a particular country to do something, cut up their neighbor as an example or else.

  • VCG

    unfortunate typo James.

  • http://jameshalloran.net/ James R. Halloran

    Haha, I’m sorry! Good find. It took me a moment. I meant *public,* not pubic. :-P

  • http://goralewicz.co Bartosz Góralewicz

    There is a lot of huge link networks in Poland. Largest got around 40k domains. I don’t think that Matt will “kill” any of the major ones. I guess we all are gonna find out soon ;)

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that chatroom….

  • https://twitter.com/#!/kmadhav Sourabh Rana

    It means Google accepts that LINKS are one of the most strongest factors for search engine ranking.

  • Frederik Vermeire

    It seems for me, yes. Especially in non-US countries.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/kmadhav Sourabh Rana

    Frederik It means you are saying Google is Biased & implement his algorithm to see country & location specific & favors always US based sites?

    Am I right ?

  • http://mypielgrzymi.com/ Kuba Pigóra

    Both largest link networks (speaking of networks that are rotating links on their domains) in Poland have been hit. But the scale of that “action taken” in more like a gentle slap in the face than an end of anything. No more than 10% of domains were banned (deindexed). Some actual stats here: http://www.gotlink.pl/gotlink-stats/
    and here: http://www.e-weblink.com/statistic.php?lang=en

  • Christina Ageli

    Any idea who these link networks are? Just to make sure we keep away from them!