• http://searchmarketingcommunications.com Tim Cohn

    Calacanis is the money’s errand boy charged with cracking the Google code – the code the newspaper industry can’t crack itself.

  • wehojoel

    Mahalo is the worst rip off site in the world when it comes to taking content from other sites without even adding links back to the original content. Here is my story and experience with Mahalo – as a weekend warrior who does a few sports and compete I started a blog about my workouts and various news coverage about being a weekend warrior. I started just to keep track of my workouts but over time created a small niche community of readers and have inspired others to blog. Companies that want to reach out to our niche community email press releases and from time to time offer us products to try and write about. In no way is this the WSJ or TechCrunch or a money making community. But a day doesn’t go by that a Mahalo page or a Mahalo Answer page doesn’t take content from one of our niche community blogs without linking back or any byline. Sometimes they’ll add a tiny little link at the end. I may notice traffic generated from Mahalo so I’ll click the Mahalo link and bam everything I wrote usually word for word in on the Mahalo page. I’m sure that most of the time people do a google search find the Mahlalo link and just go to Mahalo and never clicking the link to the proper original post. Now if this is happening to a small niche blogger who just writes moslty for friends how many times is this happening to sites such as WSJ, Time, NYTimes, etc.

    Mahalo is the pure evil when it comes to the internet.

  • Andrew Goodman

    Best title on an article I’ve seen in some time. :)

  • mrvian

    Publishers (at least the ones most often claiming blood sucking) are selling readers to advertisers. Subscriptions are not the primary revenue stream. So until they figure out how to package up readers to sell to advertisers or come up with a new revenue stream, they’ll be blaming others for sending them unmarketable readers.

  • http://searchmarketingcommunications.com Tim Cohn

    Isn’t a rebranding in order?

    if so, may I suggest – MaHollow.