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    Sounds cool but what if you’re not an Android person, perhaps you use an iPhone person, use a Blackberry or have a simple mobile phone, apps are not you’re thing.

    Here are two options in ADDITION to SIRI that’s now part of Apple.

    1) Vlingo (app for iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry)

    App is free and basic services are also free.

    Basic service include using your voice to access:

    For example: Sushi in Bellevue, Washington. Data from Google.

    Social Updates
    Post to Twitter and/or Update your Facebook status. You can update one service at a time or update both with one call.

    Web Search
    Default search is Google but can be switched to Yahoo or Bing.

    Voice Dial
    (Based on Your Contact Directory)

    Vlingo also provides two fee-based services. They cost $6.99 each or 9.99 (for both). They’re one-time fees. Now that Google’s in the space we will watch to see if Vlingo ends charging them even though they are not that expensive.

    Fee-Based Services.

    A) Speak and send a text (SMS) message.
    B) Speak and send an email.

    We spent some time using it today and after only a few searches, it appears to work well.

    Another IVR (interactive voice response) service has been around since the late 1999 and was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 for “close to $800 million”.

    We’re talking about Tellme Networks.

    Their consumer service now includes the Bing name. The official name is now, “Tellme Powered by Bing” or Bing 411.

    We’ve used it for years and it works well.

    Access: 1-800-555-TELL or 1-800-Bing-411 and you’re ready to go.

    The service (at either telephone number) is free and works with all Smartphones or feature phones. When we checked today the services available at Tellme or Bing 411 were identical.


    Tellme/Bing411 focuses entirely on info vs. also offering dictation services.

    What categories of info are available?

    Business Search

    Driving Directions





    Cheap Gas (Beta and it does need work)

    Stock Quotes



    Travel (Examples: Say an Airline name and you’ll be be connected to the reservation center) or say “taxi” and you’ll or to the Bing preferred taxi provider for the area where you want a cab.


    In many cases the service will dial the number, share the info with others, or text the info to you.

    So, no matter what type of phone, you now have two services, one app based and the other requiring no download. Both are free.