• http://www.srclarke.com Todd Mintz

    If your profession is “directory assistance operator”, I think you should consider a career change.

    Very slick service.

  • http://blog.agrawals.org Rocky Agrawal

    The *huge* difference between this and Jingle is that you can connect through to the business. Very helpful when you can’t write things down. (Like when you’re driving.)

    Jingle only gives you the number. Unless you choose to be hijacked by an advertiser and call them.

    Of course, Jingle could easily lift that restriction, but it adds to the cost base.

  • http://www.resourceshelf.com gary price

    Don’t forget that at one time (years ago in search time) Google offered a telephone-based voice search service that would allow the user to speak his keyword search terms and then here the results.

    The page is still online here:

    The newsgroup is still online at:

    Here’s a story Chris wrote for SearchDay in 2002.

    Also, at one time Yahoo Phone would use a synthesized voice to read your email to you over the phone.
    Here’s a copy of the home page from 2006
    and another from 2000.

    Now, the Phone.yahoo.com page resolves back to the Yahoo home page.

  • http://www.resourceshelf.com gary price

    I forgot to mention that another cool voice activated info service comes from Traffic.com (now a part of NAVTEQ) offers real time traffic info for many U.S. cities.
    1-866 MY-TRAFC
    More about the service here.

    You can also have traffic alerts sent to your phone at predetermined times.

    Details about both services here:

  • CSKnight

    Read/WriteWeb just published a poll of some of the alternative “talking” search engines; Ms. Dewey, Ask VOX, AbbyMe, Heather, etc. It’s here:


  • http://www.marketingfacts.nl Paul van Veenendaal

    Also tried the new service.

    Location: Mountain View
    Business: Google

    Got connected immediately :-)
    Does anyone know the extension number for Larry Page or Sergey Brin by the way ha ha LOL

    Also love the commands: “start over”, “Go back”, “text message” etc. Really smooth tool.

    The service comprehends the location voice flawlessly, however has sometimes difficulty with the Business name