• http://www.avainfotechseo.com/ Ashish Ahuja

    SEOers are getting so good google is getting afraid of them

  • Dave

    Look like Matt or Google employee has taken a note of what i had suggested to them: NoFollow their Widget and they have done now:
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  • Christian Noel

    Michael, why don’t you quit trolling and if you so brilliant ask SELand for a featured column.

  • Christian Noel

    Real SEO is whatever works for the client or your site. There are many things one can do. Some of them are On-Page some are off page…Sorry Michael links still matter. Fact not opinion. Others are off-line entirely where offline promotion generates search queries.

    All of this assumes your content is interesting and isn’t duplicated.

    In the end everyone to a degree is right, Michael appears to like rattling cages.