• http://www.harisbacic.com/ Haris

    I meant Google traffic converts best among all other search engine traffic such as Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc… So you’re pushing your clients on Bing, but their traffic might not convert as well.

    100 visits from Google > 100 visits from Bing

    As far as direct or email marketing, I believe those can convert way better or way worse than Google, depending on your strategy or niche. But that’s a whole different ballpark.

  • Sales Copy Solutions

    Can I ask for a source? I don’t mean to be rude, but I have done some considerable research being in the business I am in, and I have never seen any evidence which actually proves that Google search traffic converts more than any other SE traffic.

    I haven’t seen this on my own sites and statistics, and I haven’t seen anything but opinions which suggest it.

    Clients have been seeing good conversions from Bing traffic, and Yahoo too. They don’t come close to email and direct traffic, but they convert. I have seen absolutely no evidence to back up the claim that Google traffic is better for sales amongst Search Engine traffic.

  • InfinPixels

    I saw a lot of spammy blogs in myguesblog. You know the ones that has plenty of useless content in different topics, no comments, no social shares… But blocking myguesblog is ridiculous. What happens the ones who just want to share their knowledge??

  • InfinPixels

    and I think MGB’s problem is that they should have managed the site better. I mean the site design itself looks spammy. I signed up to free account and couldn’t even understand how am I going to use it. Most of the blogs were too spammy. It could have been a great platform to connect… Shame : (

  • http://www.harisbacic.com/ Haris

    I’m seeing it first-hand working on clients’ accounts. I’m not sure if there is a study or how you would even do it, but you can try running $500 on Adwords and $500 on Bing ads and see which one gets you more leads or sales. In majority of cases, Adwords traffic will convert better. There are some niches where Bing is superior, but that’s rare.

  • Dave

    Have you used MyBlogGuest? A majority of the “guest post” offers are spammy beyond belief. I’m not surprised this happened at all. It’s article syndication 2.0.

  • http://www.elxirinteractive.com Fionn Downhill

    MGB is open about penalty because they were open about their business. I assure you guest blogging got hammered these are just the people talking about it. Because of Ann the SEO community are rallying round, but the reality is that if MGB wanted to stay out of trouble they would have used no follow. If you can do without Google traffic then go for it and defy Google I cannot survive without it so I am going to do what they tell me whether I like it or not. Ann is a great SEO and has contributed
    much to our community but this gig is up and she is too smart to not work through it.

  • http://www.elxirinteractive.com Fionn Downhill

    More than MGB got hit. But yes I do agree Google are using Ann to send a message.

  • http://www.elxirinteractive.com Fionn Downhill

    In a nutshell yes

  • http://www.elxirinteractive.com Fionn Downhill

    Not in my lifetime but I am getting old

  • http://www.elxirinteractive.com Fionn Downhill

    One month great Bing rankings and traffic, next gone poof, next month back again. I don’t see mile long posts about it online asking what Bing did to throw the results. Why because nobody really cares there is not enough traffic on Bing to warrant any discussion and the traffic that is there is poor quality and doesn’t convert. Bing has a shot at it I agree but right now they are doing a piss poor job of long term strategy to take Google’s market share. Bing it on….puleeeze fix your algo to get good quality consistent results and the reputation will build up over time.

  • http://www.elxirinteractive.com Fionn Downhill

    Not apples to apples. Of course they convert better they are already customers. Google “search engine” traffic converts better than any other search engine. I know this because I see it every single day in analytics.

  • http://www.elxirinteractive.com Fionn Downhill

    I have just seen a site lose all it google traffic over this guest blogging. Still getting Bing, still getting Yahoo and direct. Zero sales, zero leads, zero adsense. Ping me privately if you want to see graphs.

  • http://www.elxirinteractive.com Fionn Downhill

    My epitaph is going to say here she lies by Google she dies and the penalty is still not lifted.

  • http://www.elxirinteractive.com Fionn Downhill

    I agree with that from all that I have seen with Google on the paid side with clients.

  • Dawn Anderson

    Yes Durant, we can spend our lives trying to avoid the ‘promotions’ tab in Gmail instead of avoiding algorithmic and manual search penalties :)

  • Jon

    I left MBG over a year ago because there were so many low quality sites bidding for articles and using the gallery. Spent more time reviewing and filtering out the spam as each week passed and in the end I had enough so left. Still published a fair few articles, and got the penalty notice too.

  • http://www.edwardbeckett.com/ Edward Beckett

    Follow the money and you will clearly see where the ‘integrity’ truly lies…

  • http://soundreview.net/ Johnny

    I’ve just been hit, seo companies I hired must have used my blog guest…. what am I meant to do now? The guest posting was really HQ too and now my business is ruined.

  • YiannisG

    Are you confused harris? What you say here is focus on referal traffic. thats ofcourse a legit way of getting people on your web site but this is SERP marketing we are talking about and not general online marketing. SERP work with links, period. Nothing else. yes good content etc bla bla bla that helps but not in the SERP world. Google is uncapable in understanding which link is artificial and which isnt thus penalises networks and anyone in it. Then people will comment, write blogs etc and half their job is done. Dofollow links are a must for anything that ranks. period. otherwise lets not talk about SEO anymore. and since when getting a link is necessary “buying”? Jezz you sound like Matt Cutts

  • http://www.harisbacic.com/ Haris

    Umm, no.

    What you are talking about is called “unnatural” links. You are making links to your content instead of other people making links to your content.

    If you trade an article for a dofollow backlink, then how is that not buying? You are essentially buying a backlink with an article instead of money. However, you probably spent money to get that article written or your own time to write it.

    Either way, you need organic backlinks. That means other people should want to link to your website without you paying them or giving them anything in return.

    You think Search Engine Land is paying other people and bloggers to make backlinks to this article right now? The answer is no, they do not. They’ve just been publishing quality content for so long that they have an established audience who will gladly link to many new articles they like.

  • YiannisG

    umm yes,

    I didnt mention anywhere natural or unnatural links. All i said was that you need LINKS to rank something and that Google is incapable of understanding which link is which, at least algorithmic. I also said “getting links” fact that you perceived this as “exchanging links for content” is not my problem sorry. Your example with Search engine land is simply wrong, no small business have the time or resources to produce the amount of content you get from this web site on a daily basis. Also no business ranks organically for a commercial term purely by content and not authoritive backlinks. None.

    The reason I rant vs Google (and not you mate) is the unfairness of penalising every single web site that had a profile there. I registered my business there, like 3 years ago. Never logged in again. One of these auto-register to everything new you discover and receive a newsletter from. For various reasons I never really worked on that site which is a facebook software for business pages. Years later i receive a manual penalty for unnatural outbound links. I go to my site and check all outbound links. I had 3, two on TechCrunch and one on Mashable. Do you see now why I was penalised?

    If people were holding their ground a bit and give other people the benefit of the doubt instead of bowing to matt cutts the search engine world might have been a better place.

  • http://www.harisbacic.com/ Haris

    “I go to my site and check all outbound links. I had 3, two on TechCrunch and one on Mashable”

    You’re saying you had no backlinks from MBG or any of the websites or articles associated with their users, yet Google still penalized you? How did Google find your website if you did not have a backlink from any of that place?

    Do you mind sharing the URL of that website? I’d be curious to dig into it (as I’m sure other users would as well).

  • YiannisG

    google found the web site because it was listed on my users profile as one of the sites I own. Then fired “Outbound link” penalties without checking where those links point (which were the sites I listed above). I mean sure I will nofollow links to tehccrunch thats ok but…really? I mean…really? What is the scenario here? That techcrunch paid me to place the link? Even the walls in my house are lol-ing

  • http://www.harisbacic.com/ Haris

    Can you send me your URL? I highly doubt that a profile link would do that. I had an account on MBG and a profile link too and have not been penalized.

    That profile link is most likely a nofollow anyways. (Haven’t checked)

  • Newton

    completely agree. organic traffic doesn’t convert better by any means. it’s just more authoritative and free. Our lead gen through CJ is less expensive on PPC and converts 3 times higher than on Adwords. Natural traffic is 50 times less than that… but it is free.

  • http://www.onlineincomemethods.com/ Hasan Shahzad

    Google is trying to make SEO practices difficult, last time they had disabled keyword data detection from Google Analytics and this time Guest Posting with DoFollow links has been given a forceful STOP.

  • Will A.

    I’ve found that Bing ads converts better than Adwords. And it’s cheaper.